Q. What are your office hours?
A.  During the Tax Season, we are open Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm.  From April 16th through December 31st, we are open Monday, Wednesday, 10 to 3pm and Thursday 9am to 12pm.  We are also available at other times by appointment

Q.  What do you charge?
A.  Our regular bookkeeping prices are $75 per hourOur tax return prices vary as each return is priced based on the form(s) used.  A simple return for a single person with two W-2's starts at around $135 while a more extensive return that may include a sole proprietorship and rental property or investments may run closer to $275-$450.  While every tax situation is different and may require different forms, it is difficult to give price quotes without reviewing your prior tax returns.  We offer every new client a free 15min initial consultation and price quote.  If your return requires additional bookkeeping or financial research in order to prepare your return, we charge a standard  rate of $75 an hour.  

Q.  What day is Tax Day for 2021?
A.   Historically taxes have been due on April 15th.  If you cannot file your return on time, you may receive a six month extension by filing the IRS form 4868. Coporations and Partnerships are due March 15th with a 6 month extension available.   If you owe money to the state or IRS, they could charge you interest on any balance due paid after the first due date irregardless of filing an extension.  The rate is less than what a bank or credit card would charge, and most of the time late filing penalties are avoided by filing the extension.  By filing the Federal form 4868 extension, you avoid a 5% per month late filing penalty on your federal return, even if you do not pay the tax due until October 15th. Oregon late payment penalties are more severe than the federal. Oregon may charge you a late penalty if you owe money and do not send it in with an extension. If you owe nothing to the IRS or State, there is no late filing penalty. However, the government is playing with your money for free during the extension time.
We are available at the office to help with all your tax filing and extension needs. Call 541-504-5422 to schedule an appointment.